Water auditing is an effective method of accounting for the water usage of a water system within it's service area.  McLemore service provides a structured approach to auditing; allowing for a utility company to reliably track water usage inside the water system.  When a company or utility request an independent audit of their system McLemore Water Services is the company to call for the addressing of unnecessary water lose.



End User Advantage for Auditing:

  • Manually read water meter are subject to human reading errors.
  • Overlapping billing resulting when billing dates overlap with previously reading dates.
  • Estimated billing practices were meter billing are based on historical meter reading data.
  • Broken meter within the system could results in erroneous readings             

Utility Company Advantage for Auditing:

  • Auditing assures the utility company of the accuracy of the water meter readings within the system.
  • Allows a utility of determine water lose due to leakage within the water system.               
  • Confirms the accuracy of water usage and water billing throughout the entire water system.       

        The advantages of a water system audit are a savings to both the water user and the utility company which provides water throughout the system area.  So call the company that is experienced in initiating and overseeing of a water system audit.


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