McLemore Water Service is a woman owned minority business which began operation in 1999 because the owner saw a need in the water metering industry for a quality service contractor that is reliable, efficient, and professionally equipment to handle the needs of the water metering industry.  With the aid of LeMoyne-Owens Community Development Corporation,United Way of Memphis,  Ministers Wives Association and various others Collins move forward with plans to open for business. 


Educational Background:

  • Degree From LeMoyne-Owens College Memphis, TN

Job Experience:

  • Memphis Light Gas & Water technician (18-years)

Product Training:

  • Water Meter Certification
  • Backflow & Backflow Prevention Assemblies
  • Large Water Metering Technology


  • Residential Contractor License
  • Municipal Utility and Master Plumbing

With more than 20 years of experience with water measurement technology, Kerry Collins the owner of McLemore Water Service has seen the transitions which have taken place in the water metering industry.   From the days when water meters were primarily read individually by a single meter reader to today's sophisticated electronically read meters, Kerry has been on the frontlines evaluating and trouble shooting water measurement concerns.  As tightened meter accuracy requirement come in to today's industry, McLemore is the company to consider when evaluations  or meter exchanges are to be considered. 

McLemore continues to employ expertly trained employees within the organization. Their training program provided by McLemore services is reinforced continually through the regular weekly meetings which are held onsite inside the employee conference center.  Here all employees are updated concerning the new governmental guideline requirement for the water metering industry.     Also the weekly conference provides insight to new product development, installation, and maintenance.  

Because McLemore’s service industry covers such a wide array of water specific products the continuing need for employee training is never ending.  Always adjusting to the needs of the industry McLemore has the personnel to handle the job, they possess the equipment required to do the job right, and the knowledge to know what’s best for the client.

So if you need a professional and dedicated contractor to do the water work for you and do it right call McLemore today.  We deliver quality service at affordable prices 24-hours a day.

  • City of Memphis MWBE Construction List
  • Tennessee Uniform Certifiction Program (TNUCP) DBE/ACDBE Listing:
McLemore ( Nashville )
103 Chalford
Lebanon, TN 37087

Office 615-449-9356
Mobile 901-337-4753